Declarative programming (course in English)
Spring 2008

This page contains information about the course held in English.

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General information

Midterm exams



  1. Prolog basics (data structures, canonical form, lists, unification, execution mechanism)
  2. Prolog basics continued (non-deterministic predicates)
  3. Handling runs in Prolog (list partitioning)
  4. SML basics (pattern matching, return values, simple expressions)
  5. SML basics continued (type inference, higher-order functions)
  6. Handling runs in SML
  7. Solved a midterm paper from the past
  8. Solved another midterm paper from the past
  9. Midterm exam
  10. Worked on the aseqs function from above
  11. Prolog practices
  12. Midterm exam retake

Lecture notes, slides, programming examples for downloading

Free (freely downloadable or on-line) books and other documentation on Prolog and SML

Software (SML and Prolog interpreters, compilers) to download